Dance With Me!

FREE Every Saturday, 9:00-9:30

open to ages 12 months - 24 months

Adult Participation is Required

Our Dance With Me program is the perfect program for any child. Designed with child development at the forefront, our experienced toddler instructor will help your baby explore the creative world around them in a positive, nurturing environment.


Dance With Me is not a typical Mommy and Me class. We encourage dads, grandparents, and loved ones to join their little one in class! Dance With Me focuses on parent/adult and child participation. The parent/adult plays an integral part in class by providing a comfort and modeling participation.


Dance With Me introduces a variety of valuable life skills to your little one such as listening and taking turns. Our toddler program offers a safe environment for children to gain independence, increase spacial awareness, build confidence, strengthen language development, and work on gross motor skills. 


Our Dance With Me program is designed to help you and your little one enjoy special time together each week. In a world where we are always so busy, this is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories for you and your baby.


Dance With Me is open to children ages 18 months to 2 years old. Explore music, creative movement, and dancing while using fun props! The best part about our Dance With Me Program is that is is 100% FREE! At Just Dance Academy we believe that our studio should support our community in a positive way. Providing free dance classes to parents and families is something we believe every little one deserves.


My child is not 12 months old but loves music and dancing. Do I have to wait for my child to turn 1 to participate?

Nope! Every child is different and our 12 month age minimum is simply a guideline. Dance With Me is designed for your baby to explore music and movement with the help of their adult. If you think your child would enjoy class we would LOVE to have you join us!

What is the dress code? Does my child need dance clothes and shoes to participate?

Nope! What your child wears to class is completely up to you. We have some parents who are excited to get their little one into a leotard and tights. Others prefer to dress their kiddo in regular clothes. We suggest dressing your child in whatever they will be most comfortable moving and grooving in! We ask that all children go barefoot to avoid slipping and sliding on the dance floor. Parents can wear socks or go barefoot. There are no shoes allowed in the dance rooms.

What is the cost to register and participate?

Our Dance With Me program is 100% FREE. There is no registration fee, membership cost, or drop-in rate. This class is for you and your baby to enjoy special time together each week. You simply can not put a price on memories!

How do I sign up for class?

Dance With Me has no registration or sign up process. We simply ask that you stop by the front desk on your first visit so that we can ensure we have your basic information and email in our system. That way we can notify you if there are any changes happening at the studio that might affect your class. We will also ask you to sign in your dancer each Saturday so that we know who's here!

Do you have any classes for this age group that don't require adult participation?

Yes! We understand that every child is different. Some kiddos are ready to be independent in the dance room and don't rely on the support of their adult during class time. Our Tiny Tots class is designed for children 3 and under and includes creative movement, tap, and ballet. This class also participates in our annual June recital with their classmates. Please visit our "recreational" tab to learn more about Tiny Tots.